IA 3 Zabaglione

When I was growing up in China, I never realized the wine can be used in cooking. I believed that the only way to enjoy the wine is drink it. But when I realized the wine can be the aromatic for dish, I was very surprised. I do not understand how the wine molecules work in this dish and make the flavor. After studying in both of these classes, I know now that wine has been used as aromatic for many years and understand how the molecule of the wine work in the dish.


I will discuss Zabaglione. Zabaglione is a sauce which is made by sugar, egg yolk and wine. I think the wine plays a very important role on the flavor of the sauce, because if you smell the Zabaglione, you will feel the very strong flavor and this is what the aromatic does to the dish.

Chemical Analysis

There is a molecule called “Acetaldehyde.” This molecule, which smell likes apples and nuts, increases with age in wine and responds to make the flavor. Also, the wine which was used in the Zabaglione is Marsala, which is aged more than most, so there are more Acetaldehyde molecules.

Also, with increase in temperature, the volatile Acetaldehyde molecule evaporates more easily and turn the Acetaldehyde to gasses, so this is the reason why the Zabaglione can be smelled – because the molecule, which smells of apples and nuts, is released into the air.

Culture Analysis

In ancient time, people had limited choices for aromatics. So, wine became a first choice for ancient people. Especially during the Roman period, people had more suitable living environment and the Romans also focus on agriculture. So, more grapes were cultivated and more wine was made. As I mentioned, because the limited technology, people in that time did not have more choice for aromatic. The wine can make good flavor after the warm or high temperature, also because people loved wine because the flavor of the wine, so the wine became the important aromatic for people.

Integration and Reflection

In ancient period, people need an aromatic which is cooked with high temperature to create a stronger flavor, and one that could easily be found. The wine was the first choice for the ancient people of Europe. As I mentioned, people during the Roman period focus on agriculture so the wine became easier to make. Also, I mentioned the wine at the start was made for storing foods during the winter, which means the wine had been store for aged, The longer time the wine had been stored, the more Acetaldehyde were made and the molecule is volatile during cooking because of the warm or high temperature. So this is the reason how ancient people found that wine smells like apple and nut.

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