Lab 6

we put the egg white on a bowl and use the mixer to mix the egg white until it get a peak.

We put some sugar with water and melt the sugar in the water. then we rise temper of this to 240 degree. After that, we put this to cold water and make a soft ball.
we put the syrup into the egg white and cream (the staff which we made in picture 1). we put it on oven for 40 min.
After 40min, we get the meringue shells. we take it out from oven and put it to somewhere other place for an hours. Then we boil some water in a pot and mix the boil water with some wine, egg yolk, and sugar. we heat those staffs for half hour.

we put the zabaglione on the meringue. we also add some fruit.


1.meringue has protein. the protein would start chem reaction it will denature and coagulate during the mixing.

2. thickening of the zabaglione contributed the heating and the denature was caused and the coagulate is the final end.

3. the egg will burnt if you overcook. it will look dark and taste bitter.

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