Lab 9 Panna Cotta with Caramel Sauce

This time, we will make two dish and there is the materials we need for Panna Cotta

whole milk

pure vanilla extract

unflavored gelatin

heavy cream


Cooking spray

we put the milk in the pot and warm the milk until the milk became older(Wrinkle made the milk looked older)

we dissolved the gelatin and we add the milk slowly. Then we also putted the sugar into the pot. we need make sure if the sugar dissolved. Finally we add the flavoring, cream, vanilla and salt. Remove it from heater and put it into the refrigerate for a night.

Second step, Caramel Sauce. we melt the cheese at first.
we add the cheese with cream.
After that, we mix the sugar with water
sugar syrup with high temper and we get this
it look nice.
Finally, we will make the caramel candy covered hazelnuts
we put sugar on the pot and rise the temper until the sugar boil and change color.

Oh nooooooooo!

Here we go!

The link of the video

Q: darker caramel is less sweet because it overcooked. the high temper will dissolve the molecular of the sugar and make a new staff which taste very bitter. (we successfully finished this chemical reaction and made the caramel dark and bitter)

In 320 degree!

2 thoughts on “Lab 9 Panna Cotta with Caramel Sauce”

  • Nice work! I liked the shape of your candied caramel on the top. Unfortunately, your video did not work when I tried to play it, but your panna cotta came out great so I’m sure it all went fine. In the future, I would reorient some of the photos and add some more to the captions on your blog to make it easier to read and follow. Especially because one of your captions says “oh no” and I’m not quite sure why. I hope your panna cotta tasted good! I noticed it didn’t have nuts like mine did, and I’m curious about how that impacted the overall experience of eating the dish.

  • I love how many pictures you incorporated. It really helped move the narrative along. I wish you included more of a description of what you were doing. The pictures are helpful but to fully understand , we need detailed descriptions. Otherwise good job!

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