This is the material I need to make Mozarella Cheese.

I add the the rennet with distilled water and the citric acid into the distilled water

We added them with whole pasteurized and put the pot on the heater.

get the temper ready and cut it to smaller parts

stir it and draw the water to a other bowl

use your hand to shape it and put it into the microwave oven. Then, heat the temper until 120 and take the rest of water out.

this is the mozarella .

Question about citric acid; Acid insoluble: many negative charge to make the protein casein unstable.

Question: rennet can increase the coagulation of casein proteins. rennet can destroy the peptide bond.

Question: raw milk did not be heat before so there are microorganism in the milk which can help the milk to be solid.

1 thought on “Mozarella”

  • Hi Lewis and Yun Jiang!
    Great job on the cheesemaking, it’s not an easy process. I haven’t seen a blog that’s mostly pictures before and I think that they’re great (my favorite is the three that show you cutting the curds into a grid pattern). I’d have liked to see more narration though, if only to make the process clearer. Your videos were good, I think they should be embedded next time though.
    Overall, nice work!

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