Figure out food III


Honey BBQ Seasoning: Add honey(sweet) and BBQ flavor into the food.

Onion Power: Add onion flavor into the food.

Caramel Color: Add color to the food

Natural Flavor: add flavor into the food.

Vitamins or Mineral

Vitamins A and C

Vitamins is a very important factor for human’s body. It never support energy and it never join the cell making. It play a role like catalyzer in human’s body. Vitamin A can prove eye’s vision, improve body to accept more protein.

Vitamins C can improve the body to defend virus. it has the function to defend cancer.


there are many factor have sugar. eg. BBQ seasoning, Brown Sugar. Molasses. dextrose. which made Fructose. sucrose sugar. glucose


potato made fiber. Hemi- cellulose (soluble). Cellulose (insoluble)

Strach Corn starch.

fat: 10g X 9cal/g= 90cal carbohydrate: 16g X 4cal/g= 64cal Protein: 2gX 4cal/g= 8cal 90+64+8= 162 (90/162=0.56 64/162=0.4 8/162= 0.04) X100%=

carbohydrate 40%

protein: 4%

fat: 56%