IA 2

Aglio olio e peperoncino


I have no idea about why people want to add olive oil in pasta, what olive oil do to the pasta, and why people believe that the olive oil is the key factor for pasta? Before I took the class, I have no idea about those questions, After the class, I got my answers, the flavor of the pasta, and the flavor of those materials, which put on the pasta ,can be mixed together by the olive oil. Also, the olive oil is very stable, it would not be resolve by the water from the pasta and other materials.


People nowadays believe the olive oil is very important for the pasta. What kind of factors made the olive oil become so important for pasta? Because the pasta needs a combiner to mix the flavor of other food materials (For example, garlic, pepper…) with pasta, by this reason, olive oil became the best choice. The olive oil cannot be resolved by water and people started to use olive oil in many years ago. I suspect the olive oil is the only available combiner for people in that time. In China, Chinese people always mix the food materials with peanut oil also in order to mix the flavors.

Chemical analysis.

The olive oil contains C-H bond which is equally shared the electrons, so there are no extra electrons for other elements which come from water to combine. The molecules of the olive oil called hydrophobic. The molecules hate the water. As I mentioned, the pasta was cooked in boiled water and the materials (garlic, cheese, pepper,) also contain some water. The olive oil would not be dissolved by water and it is just like a glue to combine and mix the favors of the materials with the noodles.

  Cultural analysis.

 The olive oil has a very colorful history. People started to cultivate olive tree 6000 years ago. The olive tree means peace, life and acceptance. In the Holy Bible, god decided to clear the evil on the ground by flood. After the flood, Noah asked a dove to check if the flood had already disappeared. The dove finally brought an olive branch back which means the land had already returned to peaceful. By this store, when can see that the olive tree has very strong survive ability and it was the one of the earliest plan which used by human. It also means the world has once more accepted human. So, the olive oil helps the noodles to accept the flavors from other materials and the people could find the olive oil in the period which had limited food materials. So, why the olive oil was mentioned so many times in religion stories? Because the religion comes from people’s life. In many years ago, olive oil was the central of people’s lives. In the Holy Bible, God said: put some olive oil into the lamp and the oil will keep bring the light to human. In that time people used olive oil as fuel to burn the olive oil in the lamp and people believed that the light came from god. Also, in Holy Bible, Jesus told Judas that put the olive oil to my body when I died. In that time, people used the olive oil to cover the dead body during the funeral. The religion can reflect people’s lives. So, the religion influenced by people in that time used olive oil everywhere in their lives.


The olive oil is the oil which started to be used by human in ancient period. We can see this point from the story about dove with Noah. In many years ago, people did not have multiple choices for food materials ,so they made noodles and mixed the flavor of other materials by olive oil. 

The olive oil made by C-H bond which is equally share the electrons so, it would not dissolve by water. The people in that time chose olive oil as the combiner to mix the flavor and made the food more delicious.